"Duet" Animated and Directed by legendary former Disney animator Glen Keane for Google’s I/O ATAP project.

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Awesome demo given by Glen Keane on some of the more difficult characters he’s had to draw. 

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Knock Knock from
Brunettes Shoot Blondes

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is an interactive animation film using the viewer’s orientation.

Featured Work of the Month: The Black Brick Road of O.Z.
Here at the Fairylogue, aside from launching original content (Twisted is currently updated most Wednesdays and Saturdays, btw) we also feature other independent stuff from other creators that feature the works and worlds of L. Frank Baum.
This month we’re pointing you to the direction of Black Brick Road.
This beautiful reimaging follows a new kind of Dorothy Gale: a small amnesiac named Dolly and her bite-sized cat named Toothy as they traverse the enchanted and strange world of the Outer Zone. 
Black Brick Road seems to have a kinship with Twisted, as it too is a multimedia webcomic. Impressively it features flash animation and mini games to help tell its story, which pulls inspiration from Baum’s Oz canon, Volkov’s Russian Magic Land, and a toy chest full of originality. 
The Black Brick Road of O.Z. updates once a week, and is the brainchild of xamag-oz. Fans of Homestuck might recognize her lovely work.!
The work above is a fan-variant of the cover of the original comic, the background is in part inspired by the following piece: 
Please check it all out! Thanks!
-The Historian/PJ Scott-Blankenship
P for Poppies by Xamag
The Sea of Tea by Xamag


The Color Play is a project by Louise Foo and Natasha Dzurny from Introduction to Physical Computing at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. 

The design is based on a record player, and features removable trays, interchangeable color pieces, and a knob to change the speed of the spin. A light up arrow points to the color sensor made from an RGB LED and a photocell. Because each color absorbs and reflects unique colors of light, it shines Red, Green, and Blue light at the target and records the amount of light that returns. The Arduino sends a midi note to Ableton based on these values.

An interesting project considering the prototype is a mechanism for “voluntary synaesthesia”.


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