Art history challenge: 4 colors (1/4): Red
Salvador Dali: Les elephants
Caravaggio: St. Jerome (1605–1606)
Paul Gauguin: I Raro te Oviri (1891)
Carlo Carra: The funeral of the anarchist Galli
Henri Matisse: Red Room (Harmony in Red) (1908)
Vincent van Gogh: Branch of almond tree in blossom red

Paul Gauguin; The beauty of tahitian women.

Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin Landscape with Peacocks, 1892, oil on canvas 

"Minnie" acrylic on canvas by Los Angeles artist Michelle Robinson. Connect with her Instagram: @mister_michelle, Shop: Website:


Here it is, online after the festival run. This is the full 12 part animated short “The Planets”. It is the culmination of my year long ‘Illustrated Aliens’ project. I hope you enjoy it!!

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