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Wild Concrete Romain Jacquet-Lagreze

"Wild Concrete is a photographic series focusing on a very singular phenomenon happening in Hong Kong. Usually wherever human beings are thriving, they always try to keep in control of their direct environment. But in this bustling city, trees can grow impressively on residential buildings. They are the proof that our control is not ever-lasting and they show us how this very loss of control can bring true beauty. Wild Concrete is about nature taking back, it is a demonstration of the tenacity of life in our urban environment."

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In a world of Photoshop, it’s not often that you find a project like the one above done without any post-processing. 

In the self portraits above, JeeYoung Lee spends weeks and sometimes months creating elaborate scenes in her tiny 11.8 x 13.4 x 7.8-foot studio.

Studio Dreamscapes Created By Hand

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Carin Mincemoyer, Landscape Roller Coasters (2007). 


Gabriel Dawe’s Plexus No.19

I saw one of his installations in Fort Worth a few years ago. So beautiful


Tündérmesék szemhéjre adaptálva. 😊 via TAXI by Tal Peleg make up artist


Even if the closest you’ve ever gotten to a potter’s wheel is watching the movie Ghost, you’ve got a general idea of how the device works. A wet lump of clay is placed on the surface of a spinning wheel and molded using the artists hands and tools. But today we’ve learned that the potter’s wheel itself can be used to create awesomely hypnotic visual art.

In this mesmerizing video, entitled Dance on the Circle, Mikhail Sadovnikov creates a seemingly endless series of kaleidoscopic patterns in the “wet clay sludge (called slip)” on an empty potter’s wheel.

[via Colossal]


Mike aka Creative Mint (Prague, Czech Republic) Selected Artworks, 2013